Protecting critical systems while promoting operational efficiency

Oil and Gas

Protecting critical systems while promoting operational efficiency

The oil and gas industry is facing significant structural and organisational changes. Key priorities are to move into emerging markets and increasing production efficiency. This requirement to increase production capacity and efficiency is driving new investments in information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT). The ongoing digitalisation of production processes and the convergence between IT and OT towards a future ‘digital oilfield’ is a key enabler in increasing operational efficiency and optimising supply chains in the oil and gas industry. But the increasing reliance on IT is a double-edged sword as failures and outages have an immediate profound impact.
Symantec supports Oil & Gas companies in protecting their IT, critical supply chain infrastructure and sensitive information. Our solutions

  • Meet the challenges of regulation and compliance
  • Secure operations
  • Combine security with information
  • Manage Smart Endpoints and embedded systems
  • Protect the data explosion

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Oiling with wheels of availability and security with Symantec.
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