Academic Subscription Program

The Symantec Academic Subscription Program offers government-approved academic institutions a flexible way to purchase software licenses that are bundled with Essential Support (24x7) on a subscription basis. The program makes it easy to procure and administer and helps reduce the total cost of software licensing.

Key Global Program Features

  • Low entry purchase requirements
  • Annual renewable license agreement
  • Simple and flexible subscription licensing
  • Tiered product discount bands
  • Essential Support bundled with all products
  • Home use rights for faculty and staff
  • Student use option
  • Subscription pricing
  • Co-termination of all licensing purchased under the program

Program Requirements

An Academic Institution must be organized and operated for educational purposes, such as a public or private school, college or university, and be accredited by an appropriate government board of education or accrediting organization.
  • Government-approved Academic Institution
  • Initial order of 250 units or $5,000 MSRP

Academic Subscription Program Bands

To enroll in the Academic Subscription Program a customer's initial order must be at least 250 units or total $5,000 MSRP. The number of units provided on the initial order will establish the customer's initial program band.
Initial orders can be submitted once the customer has received their Welcome Letter with their Academic Subscription SAN (Symantec Agreement Number) from Symantec. An initial order, along with the Academic Subscription Program Worksheet, must be submitted within 14 calendar days of receiving the Welcome Letter.

Academic Subscription Bands

Band Levels Minimum Quantities
A 250-499
B 500-999
C 1,000-4,999
D 5,000-9,999
E 10,000+

Subscription Renewal Period

On an annual basis, Symantec will notify customers of their pending Subscription Renewal Period.
The Annual Subscription Renewal Period for the Academic Subscription Program is based off the Contract Start Date. For example if the Contract Start Date is August 1, 2009, the first renewal period would be July 31, 2010.

Home Use Rights

During the subscription period, a customer's faculty and staff members have the right to operate one copy of the desktop-based products offered in the Academic Subscription program on their personal home computers. The faculty and staff member must maintain current employment status in order to enjoy the home use rights. No separate purchase of a home use license is required; the home use rights are included in the customer's academic subscription license fees.

Student Use Option for Campus Customers

During a subscription period, a Campus customer may order applicable student-use licenses for each full-time student to use on their student-owned computers. A Campus must order a copy for each student based on the student-use count calculation set forth , below. The student must maintain current enrolled status in order to enjoy the student use rights. Please see the current Academic Subscription price list for a list of the products available for student use.

Full Time Equivalent Calculation

Use the following calculation when determining the total Full Time Equivalent (FTE)* for Campus Enrollments in the Academic Subscription Program.
Faculty/Staff Count:
  • Full-time Faculty (= to 1 FTE)
  • Part-Time Faculty (= 1/3 of a FTE)
  • Full-Time Staff (= to 1 FTE)
  • Part-Time Staff (= to 1/2 of a FTE)
  •    FTE Faculty/Staff Baseline
Student Count for Student Use Option and Campus Managed Software for Student Coverage:
  • Full-Time Students (= to 1 FTE)
  • Part-Time Students (= 1/3 of a FTE)
  •    FTE Student Baseline
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