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Mobile Solutions

Symantec addresses the broad array of issues and opportunities around mobile devices and mobile productivity, from BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to enabling custom applications and protecting critical data.
Embrace mobility with confidence
Confident growth can include mobility.
As your dependence on mobility evolves, Symantec has you covered with:
  • Mobile device management.
  • Mobile application management.
  • Mobile Threat Protection.
  • Mobile data loss prevention.
  • BYOD management.
Don’t Lose the Data
Don’t Lose the Data
Six Ways You May Be Losing Mobile Data and Don’t Even Know It.
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Enabling a Secure, Cost Effective Mobile Device Management Strategy in the Netherlands
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Explore the power of mobility

Symantec has the answers to all of your hottest mobility questions, from how to protect mobile data on company- and user-owned devices, to how mobility can become a competitive advantage and a boon to productivity.
Total Mobile Solution
Learn about the various deployment options for enabling enterprise mobility. Every company has different needs, regulations and risk tolerance, requiring different approaches to mobile enablement.
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5 Pillars of Enterprise Mobility
Symantec recommends that for any mobile strategy, companies consider addressing all functional areas represented by the 5 pillars.
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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Support Bring Your Own Device initiatives confidently with advanced application protection.
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Common Use Cases
Symantec supports the broadest range of use cases with the most comprehensive mobile solution available.
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