Extend into Clouds

Symantec protects your critical information and lets you maintain visibility and control as you leverage third party cloud services.
Safely Embrace Cloud Services
Safely Embrace Cloud Services
Symantec helps you extend your existing IT investments and leverage third-party cloud services safely and efficiently. Control shadow IT, ensure cloud compliance, and let cloud become a business enabler.

Protected Cloud Interactions

Your enterprise is moving to the cloud, whether you are ready or not. New cloud services are being used by your employees, your fiercest competitors, and your strongest partners. Third party cloud services promise a path to improve flexibility and drive down cost.
How can you enable these cloud interactions and still keep your information, people and infrastructure protected? How can you enable and even promote these new services, while mitigating the new risk they may pose to your organization?
Extend into Clouds

Visibility and Control for the Cloud

Symantec can accelerate the adoption of third party public cloud services, minimize the risks of external cloud and mobile devices, and prove compliance for the cloud. Symantec can help security professionals move from the perceived “say no” roadblock to the “say yes” business enabler.

Establish a Single Control Point for Public Cloud Interactions

Symantec Identity Access Manager supports most public cloud applications, giving you complete visibility and control over the what, who and how of information movement. From single sign on and two factor authentication of third party clouds through granular information protection and compliance, Identity Access Manager is the new control point for the cloud.

Secure Shadow IT

As your employees leverage unauthorized third party cloud services, Symantec can help you identify and mitigate risks associated with productivity and efficiency enhancing services such as cloud file share and collaboration, social media, IaaS and cloud email.

Ensure Consistent Cloud Compliance

Symantec solutions can automatically detect and intercept sensitive data for management, applying consistent legal and regulatory controls to information without compromising the speed of business conduct and communications. End result: efficient operations with an audit trail of accountability

Leverage External Storage Clouds

Symantec backup solutions support several leading cloud storage vendors, allowing you to seamlessly leverage external cloud storage.

Symantec Solutions for Extending into the Cloud

Fully leverage third party cloud solutions while ensuring security, compliance and efficient operations.

Secure Public Cloud Interactions

Enterprises want to leverage third party public cloud services safely. Symantec protects interactions with public cloud services, allowing you to move to the cloud with confidence.

Symantec Identity Access Manager

The new control point for the public cloud that lets you apply granular policies to internal and external cloud applications with context-based authorization.

PGP Netshare

Enforces control against breach of data with encryption and helps enterprises achieve regulatory compliance outcomes.

PGP Desktop

A powerful combination of PGP Whole Disk Encryption, PGP Desktop Email, and PGP Netshare.

Symantec Web Gateway

Detects shadow IT projects and prevents Web-borne malware contamination.

Symantec Control Compliance Suite

Establishes end-user policy for cloud services, educates, and measures participation. Symantec Security Assessment for Salesforce.com and for Amazon Web Services helps organizations extend compliance visibility into their IT infrastructure to include data from third party cloud services.

Symantec Mobile Management

Proxy app traffic via gateway for mobile devices on LAN and remove apps by policy.

Validation and ID Protection (VIP) Service

Provides strong authentication of end-users, controls breach risk from unauthorized third-party access.

Symantec SSL Certificates & Web Security

Symantec enables trusted interaction with third-party cloud services. The cloud is made of interlocking webs of trust between servers and people. Symantec establishes that trust by authenticating the identity of servers-to-servers, people-to-servers, and people-to-people. The cloud is trusted by people when it can move data to and from servers safely via encryption provided by Symantec SSL certificates.

Backup & Archive to Hybrid Clouds

Cloud computing can improve backup, recovery, and archiving and Symantec can help you seamlessly move some or all of your backup and archiving to the cloud.


Extend your on premise enterprise backup to external third party cloud storage pools using the Open Storage Technology (OST), enabling you to manage cloud storage seamlessly.

Backup Exec

Midmarket backup with cloud storage integration and cloud disaster recovery option lets you leverage external cloud storage.

NetBackup Appliances

NetBackup Integrated Appliances help make cloud backup a reality by creating a local copy for quick recovery while allowing for seamless replication to the cloud.

Enterprise Vault

Archiving of cloud data and archiving to the cloud offer new ways to ensure you can store, manage, and discover unstructured information across the organization.
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