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Common Mobile Use Cases

Symantec supports the broadest range of use cases with the most comprehensive mobile solution available.
Mobile Productivity for Everyone
Each company's needs are different.
  • Email and Network Access
  • Cloud Access Control
  • Custom Business Apps
Experience Enterprise Mobility, The Symantec Way (4:14)
Symantec Mobile Management Suite offers a complete solution for diverse Enterprise Mobility needs. Symantec also enables mobile apps and offers a mobile app ecosystem by partnering with mobile app developers.
Shadow IT as a business enabler
How to turn "Shadow IT" to your advantage
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Mobile Enablement

Providing email on a few executive iPads is a relatively simple matter that may be addressed easily with any of a number of mobile device management solutions. But what is the next step? Smart phones and tablets are the newest endpoints and may soon outnumber laptops, and productivity in the future will rely more heavily on these new devices. Supporting mobile access, connectivity, data protection, support, applications, etc. will take more than MDM, just as managing and protecting laptops and PCs relies on an entire ecosystem of enterprise solutions.

Email and Network Access

For this use case, the requirements for mobile devices may include connecting to a mail server, providing network access through VPN configuration, and probably enforcing a password policy. With this MDM-centric approach, it is then easy to add additional functionality, like Mobile Security for threat protection, Managed PKI, and Data Loss Prevention, as each of these complementary products are integrated into Mobile Management.

Cloud Access Control

Mobile users access cloud services at a very high rate, including for business use, and corporate IT traditionally has had no way to monitor or control this behavior. Yet when business data is involved, it is imperative that this visibility exists. Symantec’s O3 cloud gateway provides the necessary visibility for business productivity in the cloud, with single sign–on, federated identity across multiple services, and full visibility and control over transactions.

Custom Business Apps

71% of businesses are already moving toward custom applications as a key element in their mobile strategy. These apps will have access to critical business networks and data, so they must be appropriately secured and protected. IT managers can easily secure these communications and protect data from theft and loss with application specific controls using Symantec App Center. Line of business and custom applications may be protected after development to provide additional controls, like requiring additional user authentication, encrypting all stored data, destroying expired stored data, blocking access on rooted or jail broken devices, blocking the APIs that allow document sharing, and others.

Symantec Products that Support Mobile Productivity

Symantec Mobile Management Suite

A single SKU for all common mobile use cases. Includes:
  • Symantec Mobile Management
  • Symantec Mobile Management for Configuration Manager
  • Symantec App Center
  • Symantec Mobile Security

Symantec Mobile Management

Configuration control, inventory, policy deployment, app and content distribution. To plug into the Symantec Management Platform or for stand-alone implementations.

Mobile Security

Anti-malware, threat protection, reputation-based browsing.

Data Loss Prevention for Mobile

Monitoring, notification and blocking of sensitive data originating from mobile devices.

Symantec Managed PKI Service

Certificate management for secure access to corporate resources from mobile devices.
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