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Build a Resilient and Secure Private Cloud

Build resilient and secure private cloud services on your existing infrastructure and take your virtualized data center to the next level of resource optimization.
Virtualization for a Private Cloud
  • High availability of shared infrastructure and applications
  • Trusted security for data, applications and access
  • Consistent control of compliance standards
Architecting Resilient Private Clouds
Learn how Symantec can help you to transform your existing data center into your private cloud while ensuring it is resilient and available.
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V-Ray Gives Symantec NetBackup a Competitive Advantage Today and into the Future
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Build highly protected, highly available clouds with what you've got.

Symantec helps businesses migrate their business critical applications to the cloud while providing high availability of hybrid infrastructure and applications, trusted security for data, applications and access, and consistent visibility and control of compliance standards.
Symantec's broad portfolio can help address the following key considerations:

Transitioning IT resources from silos to shared pools

Virtualization has transformed familiar slow moving, well defined physical architectures into consolidated dynamic workloads that are now more quickly provisioned and resourced to meet the increasing pace of business demands.

Scalable architectures that avoid performance bottlenecks

Creating architectures with distributed availability components across infrastructure and applications that allow coordinated resource allocations and pathways.

High availability of business critical assets and services

Resiliency across physical and virtual environments spanning heterogeneous platforms and applications; providing availability from the application layer to the database and coordinating it across the entire service to ensure optimal availability.

Secure and compliant infrastructure

Minimizing risks associated with security breaches and compliance deficiencies.

Solutions for a resilient and secure private cloud include:


A backup and recovery framework with deep VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V API integration, built-in deduplication to protect the private cloud, and a connector to public cloud storage providers

Cluster Server

Meet the aggressive SLA requirements of your cloud with high availability and disaster recovery for mission critical business services that run on different physical and virtual platforms.


Virtualize your mission-critical applications with confidence. ApplicationHA ensures that your business critical applications running in virtual machines are always on and highly available. ApplicationHA provides application availability in coordination with VMware HA

Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware

Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing improves VMware ESX performance and path management; provides reporting and visibility into storage; and reduces operator and multi-pathing hardware vendor costs. Dynamic Multi-Pathing advanced I/O algorithms optimize performance for both physical and virtual environments.

Critical System Protection

Integrates vSphere protection and hardening policies to monitor and prevent configuration file tampering, limit inbound/outbound communications and access, stop unauthorized services from running and prevent zero day attacks against unpatched or vulnerable systems.

Control Compliance Suite

Integrates vSphere hardening policies that allow for scheduled automated scans to report on vSphere platform state as well as perform vulnerability scans of critical vSphere assets.

Data Loss

Integrates with vShield to discover sensitive data residing in virtual datacenters and automatically quarantine virtual machines that violate data security policies.

Endpoint Protection

Proactive protection tailored for high density environments, Symantec Endpoint Solutions plan to leverage vShield Endpoint with its endpoint security offerings to offload critical security analysis from protected virtual machines to a dedicated security virtual appliance resulting in optimized scan performance, reduced resource utilization, and increased management visibility.



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