Symantec Cloud Workload Protection

Automates security for AWS and Azure workloads, enabling business agility, risk reduction, and cost savings.


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Visibility and Control for Public Cloud Workloads

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Discover and map the blind spots in your public cloud deployments.

  • Complete visibility of workloads across AWS and Azure public cloud deployments enables agile business planning
  • Automatic identification and control of unauthorized and unknown workloads and applications eliminates security blind spots
  • DevOps friendly hardening and application isolation controls improve operational efficiencies

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Elastic Security for Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure

Public cloud workloads can scale rapidly up and down. Your security solution should be able to keep up.

  • Context sensitive security recommendations and protections scale out to protect dynamic and transitory workloads against zero-day threats
  • Cloud-native integration with public cloud platforms enables DevOps to build security directly into application deployment workflows
  • Flexible, metered pricing allows security to expand rapidly with capacity spikes and shrink when workloads are retired to reduce costs


Elastic Security for Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure

Mitigate Risk Associated with Public Cloud Adoption

Move from just understanding risk to controlling risk. Enjoy public cloud benefits and peace-of-mind.

  • Context-aware policy recommendations enable continuous strengthening of workload security postures to stay compliant with security objectives
  • Real-time detection and notification of changes across all public cloud deployments allow security and audit teams to rapidly categorize and react to events
  • Actionable intelligence from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network enables protection against the latest global threats and vulnerabilities

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Mitigate Risk Associated with Public Cloud Adoption

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