Symantec Transparent Caching - CacheFlow

Caching web and video to save on bandwidth, reduce backhaul and accelerate content for an improved user experience

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Save Bandwidth, Improve User Experience

Bandwidth cost has a direct impact to operating margins and business profitability. Internet Service Providers worldwide are benefiting from CacheFlow to save on bandwidth cost while accelerating content to improve end-user experience. With CacheFlow, you don’t have to keep buying expensive bandwidth to meet performance goals. The cloud-enabled CachePulse technology delivers real-time intelligence for effective content categorization and caching, so you can be confident that the CacheFlow solution will consistently and continuously sustain high caching efficiency over the long haul.

  • Up to 90% of bandwidth savings
  • 20x faster web, large file & video downloads
  • Continuous caching efficiency improvement through CachePulse
  • Value-added content filtering & traffic reports

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