Symantec WebFilter / Intelligence Services

Control access to web content and block web threats with advanced threat defense and real-time global threat intelligence

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Strong Defense Against the Latest Threats from the Web

Powered by the Global Intelligence Network, Symantec WebFilter delivers real-time web content protection, security categorization and web application control. It automatically categorizes billions of URLs into over 80 pre-defined categories that can be easily managed by IT administrators. When combined with the Blue Coat ProxySG, you have the most accurate and granular web application control policy engine for your entire web protection.

The Advanced Intelligence Services provide additional new services that add more flexibility and options to your web content control and security management with URL Threat Risk Levels and GEO Location.

  • Cloud-enabled real-time categorization
  • Billions of URLs, websites & web applications  
  • Blocks 99.99% or threats  

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