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Aenova Holdings GmbH

With NetBackup™ 7, Aenova is benefiting from 90% rates of deduplication― saving the company a commensurate amount of money in storage investment, a four-fold reduction in the backup window from 24 hours to six hours, and a reduction in storage administration time from three hours to 30 minutes.

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Dysart Unified School District

Dysart Unified School District has more than 10,000 endpoints and when it experienced ongoing malware issues and a botnet outbreak infecting nearly every district machine, Dysart turned to Symantec. District endpoints are now 99.9 percent free of security risks, reclaiming 95 percent of IT staff time for more strategic projects.

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ECI Telecom

ECI Telecom rolls out its comprehensive security and compliance program with Symantec technologies, resulting in increased costs savings and staff productivity.

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