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North America | Manufacturing | Enterprise

Global manufacturer Ametek receives almost a million spam messages a day, and turned to Symantec for relief. Now over 97 percent of email is blocked as spam, and there have been zero detectable false positives found in four years of comprehensive tests. The solution is reclaiming a projected $3.6 million in annual worker productivity, streamlining lifecycle management of the com¬pany’s 42 email domains, and helping Ametek avoid $48,000 in first year and $24,000 in recurring DNS server costs.

Success Details

Organization Profile

  • Website: www.ametek.com
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Headquarters: Paoli, Pennsylvania
  • Employees: 11,000


Email Environment
  • Applications: Lotus Domino 8.02, Microsoft Exchange Server (various versions)
  • Server Platform: Clustered IBM RS/6000s running IBM AIX, HP ProLiant running Microsoft Windows Server 2003
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