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Erhardt and Warnell

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Erhardt & Warnell is proof that Symantec technologies are just as relevant to a small organization as they are to a large organization. The UK-based property services organization may only have five staff, but the demands for fast, effective information security and data protection are the same as they are in any business. The Symantec technology partner Vitality Consulting Services has implemented an automated and cost-effective blend of Symantec data protection, endpoint security, and messaging security technologies at Erhardt & Warnell, which have eliminated the 20 minutes wasted every day cleaning out spam and four hours of downtime every month caused by malware. Simultaneously, the solution is capturing 99 percent of spam, protecting the business from known and unknown threats, and enabling the recovery of files and complete Windows systems in minutes.

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  • Servers: Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Endpoints: 5
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange and others
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