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Cell phone chain mobilezone has more than 130 stores throughout Switzerland and employs more staff on the sales frontline than at its headquarters in Regensdorf, Switzerland. The HQ-based IT team has a very challenging environment, with the entire infrastructure being operated in-house, and it is consequently dependent on software that can be implemented quickly, is easy to operate, and helps to provide an optimal service for internal customers. One relatively recent arrival is Altiris Client Management Suite 6.0 from Symantec, which had a baptism of fire with the launch of Apple’s iPhone lifestyle cell phone: the iTunes software―without which the smartphone cannot be activated―had to be installed on every PC at every branch at a stroke. mobilezone also purchased Symantec Enterprise Vault to ease the load on its Exchange environment. Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition, finally, replaced no fewer than four different tools and now protects the PCs and point of sale systems in the stores against threats and attacks.

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  • Client: 600
  • Servers: 30 servers in a dedicated data center
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange Server, Apple iTunes
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