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Schwedt/Oder Municipal Administration

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The data collected in municipal offices―such as residence registration or records of fees and taxes that have been collected―needs to be available and readily retrievable at any time. Some of this data must also be stored for a particularly long period of time. Reliable data backup and recovery and solid archiving practices are therefore essential in the public sector. The municipal administration of Schwedt/Oder―a German city in the state of Brandenburg―was looking for solutions from a single source to handle these tasks, and opted for software from Symantec after thoroughly analyzing a variety of products.

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Schwedt/Oder was already home to the oil-refining and paper manufacturing industries before Germany was reunified, and these are still the most important employers for the roughly 35,000 inhabitants of this town in the Uckermark region of the German state of Brandenburg.


  • Servers: approximately 20 IBM servers
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 2003 and Linux
  • Applications: Oracle and SQL databases, Lotus Notes/Domino
  • Storage: HP SAN for backup
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