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Starhub Limited

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Asia Pacific, Japan | Communications | Enterprise

StarHub is leveraging security and availability solutions from Symantec to realize tangible business value. The infocommunications company standardized its data center software infrastructure on Symantec Data Center Foundation software, producing results that include a 20 percent lower data center TCO. Symantec security solutions, which include Symantec Managed Security Services, Symantec AntiVirus software, and Symantec Residency Services, help ensure that StarHub’s applications and information are secure and available.

Products Implemented

Endpoint Protection


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Success Details

Products Implemented

Endpoint Protection

Organization Profile

Website: www.starhub.com
Industry: Telecommunications
Headquarters: Singapore
Employees: 3,000


  • Sun Enterprise, mid-range and workgroup servers running Solaris 9, 10 HP Enterprise, mid-range and workgroup servers running HPUX 11i HP/IBM/Sun Intel servers running Microsoft Windows 200/2008 and Red Hat 5
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange Server, SAP, Siebel and Web services
  • Databases: Oracle; Microsoft SQL
  • Storage: Hitachi USP V and AMS1000
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