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Swisscom IT Services (Storage Solutions)

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With 1.6 pedabytes of data under its watch, Swisscom IT Services must maintain efficient backup-and-restore operations as well as manage its storage environment in a highly optimal manner. And as a service provider, Swisscom IT Services just ensure transparency in its monthly customer billing process, since customers must be billed for the services used. The Swisscom IT Services team relies on Veritas NetBackup for the backup and restore of data from heterogeneous servers onto several different storage systems. For storage resource management across its highly heterogeneous server and storage environments, the team uses Veritas CommandCentral Storage. Results achieved are impressive. While backup volume has grown 1,100 percent, the IT team managing backup and restore has expanded only 300 percent. In addition, Swisscom IT Services has been able to improve storage utilization rates while driving IT staff productivity.

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Swisscom IT Services is one of Switzerland's leading providers of IT services. Its core business is the integration and operation of complex IT infrastructures, either fully or partially outsourced. Swisscom IT Services has an excellent track record in a number of sectors, especially telecommunications, finance, healthcare and public administration, and the media.


  • Server: Sun Fire V890
  • Desktops: HP/Dell
  • Operating System (Client): Microsoft Windows XP
  • Applications: Miscellaneous
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