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Woori Investment & Securities Company

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Asia Pacific, Japan | Financial Services | Enterprise

In 2009, the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act began requiring South Korean financial services firms to monitor internal communications to ensure that insider information does not inappropriately cross departmental boundaries. Woori Investment & Securities Company implemented a Symantec solution to track and filter employees’ email communications. Managing compliance with the law now takes two days, rather than five days, per month, and the company needs 60 percent less primary storage for emails.

Success Details

Organization Profile

  • Website: www.wooriwm.com
  • Industry: Financial services
  • Headquarters: South Korea
  • Number of employees: 2,800


  • Server platform: IBM-X3650 servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2000
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Storage: EMC CX-80 SANs
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