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Yildiz Holding

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Yildiz Holding, which includes Turkey’s leading food brand Ulker, is benefiting from extensive protection for its emails, instant messages, and unconfigured data using Symantec Brightmail Gateway. This next generation security solution provides effective antispam and antivirus protection for incoming and outgoing emails, which also offering advanced technology for content filtering and data loss prevention. With a 99 percent spam filtering rate and an almost one-in-a-million possibility of false positive identification, Symantec Brightmail Gateway also possesses functionalities vital for companies like Yildiz Holding, such as automatic updates and global and local IP reputation analyses. The solution also offers protection at quite a reasonable cost. It minimizes the potential risk related to incoming and outgoing emails while also reducing user-oriented management functions as much as possible thanks to its extensive reporting and administrative functions.

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Yildiz Holding, which includes one of Turkey’s leading food brands Ulker, demonstrates its leading and pioneering attitude to the whole world in the food group that it manages, its production and distribution strength, the variety of its products, and most importantly its vision.
  • Website: www.yildizholding.com.tr
  • Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Industry: Consumer goods
  • Founded: 1944
  • Number of employees: 29,000
  • Number of factories: 42
  • Number of products: 2,700
  • Amount of sales: $9.1 billion (2007)

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