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Virtualization brings you forward. Symantec protects you along the way.
Virtualization makes your small business more efficient, but it also opens up your data and systems to new security risks. Don’t leave your data at risk.

Why Symantec solutions for virtualized environments?
The benefits of virtualization are significant and can be seen by large and small companies alike. While many large companies have some type of protection for their virtualized environment, research suggests that 60 percent of SMBs do not back up their data and are therefore more vulnerable to attack. Are you part of that statistic? Protect your business with solutions from Symantec. Our range of VMware and Hyper-V integrated solutions offers proven effectiveness and centralized workflows for physical and virtual platforms. This allows your company to introduce virtualization without sacrificing security or backup and recovery capabilities.

Are Symantec Virtualization Solutions Right For Me?

Do you back up your virtual and physical environments with separate backup solutions?
Symantec solutions support both physical and virtual environments from a single console.
Use traditional physical backup solutions for backing up your virtual machines?
Traditional backup solutions are unable to understand the virtual data and file structure so recovery can be slow and complex. Symantec solutions are designed and built for virtualization enabling you to quickly recover what you need when and where you need it.
You need a solution that allows you to restore important data quickly?
Using patent-pending granular recovery technology from Symantec, you can recover granular data such as Exchange emails, SharePoint documents or files/folders in minutes.
Are you worried about virtual machine sprawl?
Symantec solutions automatically identify and protect new virtual machines as they appear so you can be assured they are protected from day one.

Virtualization Solutions at Work

A small business increases from a physical to a virtual environment,
however, overlooks the associated security risks. No need to worry. With Symantec, you can accelerate your virtualization initiatives confident and self involve the key applications and services therein - without compromising performance and comprehensive protection. Symantec Endpoint Protection in practice.
A machine shop relies heavily on technology for just-in-time manufacturing.
High availability is a must for their technology-enabled systems and virtualization is key to help deliver this availability. Protecting the virtual infrastructure, line-of-business applications, and the critical data they generate, is their most important chore. They can rest easy though as their physical and virtual systems are protected by Symantec. Should disaster strike they can easily recover entire vms, virtualized applications and granular file or application objects in minutes. Symantec Backup Exec V-Ray Edition in practice.
A computer game company wants to bring three new games on the market
in the second quarter. The company expects A computer game company wants to bring three new games on the market in the second quarter. The company expects the games will be extremely popular, and plans to use VMware to test new features and expand new systems quickly. While VMware maximizes server utilization, Symantec provides for the protection of new applications, including personal data and credit card information of users. Symantec Backup Exec V-Ray Edition and Endpoint Protection together in practice.

Get Symantec Virtualization Products

Protect Your Livelihood by Securing Your Virtualization Infrastructure
Protect your existence by securing your virtual infrastructure
Accelerating virtualization doesn’t require you to sacrifice security with under-protected virtual machines. The challenges associated with virtual sprawl, constrained system resources and data protection can be mitigated through optimizations designed to maximize protection in virtual environments, without sacrificing performance. Through integrations with VMware and features specifically designed for virtual machines, Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 can reduce scan overhead and system impact while providing all five core layers of protection. With a single solution, and management console, across both physical and virtual machines, you can maintain a complete view of your infrastructure using the fastest, most effective endpoint protection available.
Symantec Endpoint Protection
Backup is Critical for Rapid Recovery
Rapid recovery of VMware and Hyper-V systems
Can you recover your VMware and Hyper-V data quickly and easily? Many of today's backup solutions for virtual environments lack the ability to understand the virtual data and file structure, which in turn makes recovery complex, slow and restricted. That’s not the case with solutions from Symantec. In a few simple clicks and from a single-pass backup, you can recover anything from physical servers and virtual machines with Symantec Backup Exec™. This includes entire applications and individual objects such as files, folders, and granular application items from Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server, and SharePoint. Deeply integrated with VMware, Microsoft and Linux platforms, Backup Exec can protect one to thousands of servers and virtual machines all from the same user console.
Symantec Backup Exec V-Ray Edition

Customer Success Stories

Child Advocates of Houston
Child Advocates of Houston
Child Advocates, a Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program, helps abused, neglected, and abandoned children in the Child Protective Services (CPS) system. For 27 years, the CASA program in Houston, Texas has been run by Child Advocates, a 50-employee nonprofit that leverages more than 700 volunteers—students, business people, retirees, and others—to support Houston’s children in family courts. The Houston Press recently named it the region’s "Best Charity."

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