Cyber Security Solutions for Financial Services

Safeguard sensitive data from internal and external threats to safeguard customer transactions.

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The New Era of Digital Business

Every day, an increasing amount of sensitive data is generated and exchanged in the financial world. Protect your customers and your reputation in the face of stringent regulations and potential threats. We have the solutions you need to secure, automate, standardize, and streamline your operations and transactions.

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Prevent Wrongful Disclosure of Confidential Data

Banks, credit card companies, and credit reporting institutions are striving to keep their customer data secure in the face of the growing volume and proliferation of endpoints and mobile devices.

Symantec combines solutions and services for a unified approach.

  • Data Loss Prevention solutions that integrate discovery, monitoring, protection, and management of confidential data wherever it is stored or used
  • Encryption solutions to protect data on mobile endpoints or trigger Safe Harbor exemptions when data is moved suspiciously
  • Consulting services to help address process gaps and make information protection programmatic

Secure Mobile Transactions

Mobile is at the core of banking. In five years, three of every four customer interactions will be online or through a mobile device. Financial firms know they must move to mobile platforms or risk losing an entire generation of consumers to new, digital-native startups. But the use of mobile devices introduces many new security vulnerabilities. The solution is end-to-end security management, including:

  • Strong authentication and certificate management across devices, applications, and users
  • Two-factor authentication for high-value or high-sensitivity transactions

Defend Against Targeted Attacks

With the amount of valuable and sensitive data financial services organizations transmit and store, it’s no wonder they are a cyber attacker’s favorite target. Effective security requires protecting information where ever it exists and flows. Our Data Center Security Solutions harden and monitor physical and virtual servers while our Advanced Threat and Endpoint protection guard the perimeter.

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Invest in Intelligence and Training

Effective security requires a combination of technology, intelligence, and people. Many financial services firms invest heavily in security technology but tend to neglect the other two necessary components of a strong security program. Financial industry intelligence, while important, isn’t enough, and teaching personnel about security issues isn’t the same as training them.

Round out your security program with the following:

  • Global threat awareness data feeds that correlate security logs and the environment
  • Human intelligence that improves detection, analysis, and mitigation of threats
  • Training and simulation exercises designed to provide the knowledge and experience needed to quickly react to attacks

Leverage a Team of Global Experts

Finding skilled cyber security professionals is tough, and as demand continues to grow, it’s only getting tougher. Resource constraints and industry specific regulations can make hiring the right people even more difficult.

Symantec can help. Our world-class team of trained security professionals are available to help with 24/7/365 global threat monitoring, security management services, and emergency incident preparation and response.