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2017 Government Internet Security Threat Report

Shifting focus from economic espionage to politically motivated sabotage and subversion

The 2017 Government Internet Security Threat Report (GISTR) details how cyber criminals executed politically devastating attacks. Cyber attacks against the U.S. Democratic Party and the subsequent leak of stolen information reflect a trend towards highly-publicized, overt campaigns designed to destabilize and disrupt organizations and countries. In the past, sabotage via cyber attack was rare. But the success of several campaigns – including the U.S. election and Shamoon – indicate a growing trend of agitators influencing politics to sow discord across the globe.

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Targeted Attacks Shaping Governments

Protecting Sensitive Data in the Digital Era

Automate risk management and compliance

Technology transformed the way regional and local governments serve constituents. Agencies receive and store sensitive personal data and enable access to key services. This makes them a target by those seeking political, social, and monetary gain. Regional and local agencies must protect data and respond quickly and effectively when breached.

Automated risk management and compliance solutions help government institutions:

  • Align priorities across security, operations, and compliance
  • Prioritize remediation
  • Enable secure migration to software-defined data centers
  • Support continuous assessments and monitoring

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Protecting Sensitive Data in the Digital Era



Current State of Ransomware in State and Local Government

Simple ways state and local government can protect themselves against ransomware attacks

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