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Protection Intelligence: Do you recognize your enemy?


Do you recognize your enemy?

According to the latest Internet Security Threat Report Vol 17, Symantec identified more than 403 million unique variants of malware in 2011, up 41 percent from 2010. Social networks and mobile computing are also opening up new security vulnerabilities. Personal sites and blogs were found to be unwitting hosting grounds for malware. Mobile phone OS vulnerabilities have also almost doubled since 2010 1. Learn more about the changing threat landscape and security gaps and how to effectively protect yourself against them.

Article 1: The Identity of Today’s Threats

In 2011, 5.5 billion malicious attacks were detected and blocked by Symantec 1. Uncover the face of the threat landscape. Discover the characteristics of today’s cyber attacks, as well as evolving security trends and best practices that will affect your organization today. Read more »

Article 2: The Threats That Won’t Go Away

Today, organizations must deal with a breed of targeted attacks: Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). APTs are long-term attacks designed to evade traditional security measures, and steal confidential data over extended periods of time. Discover the stages of an APT attack and how you can defend against these threats. Read more »

Article 3: Building the Enterprise Fortress

To stay secure, organizations must build an enterprise fortress capable of withstanding modern day attacks. Learn how you can enable protection for your entire enterprise with Symantec. Read more »
¹ Symantec Corp., Internet Security Threat Report, Vol. 17. April 2012