Symantec VMware-Integrated Solutions

Driving the high levels of protection and compliance you need.

Mitigate the risks introduced by virtualization and achieve even greater protection than you thought possible in a purely physical environment. Whether you are trying to prevent unauthorized access, maintaining isolation and separation of systems, discovering and monitoring sensitive data, or consolidating log monitoring across virtual and physical infrastructure, with Symantec you can confidently accelerate your virtualization initiatives to include even the most critical of applications and services.
Symantec’s portfolio of VMware–integrated software offers proven effectiveness, maximum performance, and centralized workflow automations across both physical and virtual platforms. Unlike many solutions that offer limited security effectiveness and scope, Symantec innovations offer complete protection, unparalleled performance, and intelligent integrations for customers needing to seamlessly extend security and compliance strategies to their virtual domain.

White Paper: Securing the Promise of Virtualization

A joint white paper from VMware and Symantec on how you can meet the challenges of ensuring security in a virtual world.
Data Sheet: Symantec Control Compliance Suite Virtualization Security Manager Powered by Insight and built for businesses of all sizes, this new solution brings faster, more powerful security.
Webcast: Modernizing Security Operations for Business Critical Virtualization Discover strategies and best practices for modernizing security operations and removing barriers on your path to Business-Critical Virtualization.
Securing the Cloud for the Enterprise Joint VMware and Symantec white paper discussing how to overcome security and compliance concerns and accelerate your way to the cloud.
Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 Delivers Unrivaled Security with Fastest Performance Powered by Insight and built for businesses of all sizes, this new solution brings faster, more powerful security.
Security Virtualization

Symantec Virtual Security solutions:

  • Address more security related use case requirements.
  • Leverage unique solutions that span both infrastructure and information security.
  • Automate more with uniquely combined technical interactions and automated process workflows.
  • Monitor more comprehensively with exclusive innovations that leverage vShield-specific log data to achieve internal granular threat visibility combined with external security intelligence.

Recommended Products for Security Virtualization

Critical System Protection
For trusted integrity of your virtual fabric, Critical System Protection integrates vSphere protection and hardening policies to monitor and prevent configuration file tampering, limit inbound/outbound communications and access, stop unauthorized services from running and prevent zero day attacks against unpatched or vulnerable systems.

Control Compliance Suite
Reduces compliance deficiencies across converged infrastructure and integrates vSphere hardening policies that allow for scheduled automated scans to report on vSphere platform state as well as perform vulnerability scans of critical vSphere assets.

Data Loss Prevention
For orchestrated prevention of data loss across dynamic workloads, Data Loss Prevention integrates with vShield to discover sensitive data residing in virtual datacenters and automatically quarantine virtual machines that violate data security policies.

Security Information Manager
On-premise, real-time virtual threat telemetry to mitigate risk, Security Information Manager integrates a unique vShield log collector to extend visibility into the advancing virtual infrastructure for unparalleled context to threat activity with advanced telemetry between internal physical, virtual and external threat landscape intelligence to prioritize risk.

Managed Security Services
Off-premise, real-time virtual threat telemetry to mitigate risk, Symantec Managed Security Services utilize an integrated vShield collector to provide new threat-based context to advancing virtual infrastructures combined with 7x24 GIAC-certified Security Analyst expertise to assist with incident remediation.

Web Gateway
Proactive virtual fabric protection against targeted or mutating web-borne threats, Web Gateway integrates vShield App to identify endpoint infections and bot activity allowing automation of quarantine and other mitigation actions.

Endpoint Protection Solutions
Proactive protection tailored for high density environments, Symantec Endpoint Solutions plans to leverage vShield Endpoint with its endpoint security offerings to offload critical security analysis from protected virtual machines to a dedicated security virtual appliance resulting in optimized scan performance, reduced resource utilization, and increased management visibility.

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