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What a way for a company to approach its 50th Anniversary. ECSEC’s server had been compromised by an intruder and was relaying thousands of spam messages every hour selling counterfeit software. As a consequence, emails to/from this small, dynamic UK retail and bar refurbishment firm were blocked intermittently―right in the middle of a high profile fit out of a TV programme restaurant. Data protection was at risk too: a particularly important workstation in the accounting department running several critical applications, for example, was woefully under protected. By partnering with Symantec and Vitality Consulting Services, ECSEC received the best birthday present imaginable. An integrated Symantec data protection and messaging security solution gives ECSEC the confidence that its network is operating correctly, confidence that data is properly secured and backed up, and confidence that when an ECSEC project is undertaken that the network can be relied upon to perform. Business productivity has risen by 25 percent, costs are down, and 99.9 percent of spam email has been eliminated.

Detalles del caso de éxito

  • Vitality Consulting Services Limited

Perfil de la organización

ECSEC (formerly known as the Eastern Counties Shop Equipment Company) is one of the UK’s leading retail design and retail shop fitting, restaurant, and bar refurbishment contractors. In fact, ECSEC is so widely recognized in the industry that it was chosen to build the restaurant that featured in the popular British TV programme, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’―whereby a celebrity chef trains 10 celebrities to be professional chefs and produce dishes for a restaurant of celebrity diners.


  • End users: 9
  • Hardware: HP ProLiant ML350 G5, various generation HP desktops and laptops
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium, XP
  • Applications: Access Accounts, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD
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