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Data Protection

The second step to proving technical knowledge and competency is by becoming a Symantec Certified Professional (SCP) based on a specific area of solution expertise with multiple Symantec products. To assist in preparation for the certification exams, candidates are strongly encouraged to attend training course(s) available through Symantec, in addition to meeting any necessary prerequisites, on-the-job experience, and study. Though a training course will prepare you, it does not guarantee passage of a certification exam.

Path: Symantec Certified Professional (SCP) in Data Protection

Step 1: Training
How do you avoid backing up huge amounts of wasteful redundant data? V-Ray for NetBackup and Backup Exec sees duplicate files and helps you avoid the redundancy. Maximize the use of Symantec products feature and functionality like V-Ray by earning your Symantec Certified Professional (SCP) in Data Protection. You’ll also have documented validation of your knowledge and expertise that can serve you wherever your career takes you.

Required Products

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Step 2: Testing
When you pass both of the certification exams you will earn the official Symantec Certified Professional (SCP) certification in Data Protection.

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