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Aria S.p.A

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Europe, Moyen-Orient, Afrique | Petites entreprises

Deduplication has transformed Aria S.p.A., the Italian wireless internet service provider’s storage infrastructure. In the call center environment alone, the volume of data protected has dropped by 80 percent—lowering the requirement for new storage investment, accelerating the time needed for backup, and streamlining data protection administration.

La réussite en détails

Profil de l'entreprise


  • Users: 100 at 2 sites—Milan and Umbria
  • Hardware: HP C3000 Blade
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, being migrated to Windows 7 and 2008
  • Servers: 4 Blade servers in HP C3000 platform
  • Applications: VMware VDI virtualization
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