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Creative Breakthroughs (CBI) (Partner Success)

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Creative Breakthroughs, Inc. (CBI) grew its bottom line by consolidating on eight vendors—including Symantec—and gaining deep expertise in those partners’ technologies. CBI sells bundles of Symantec solutions to customers, allowing them to leverage discounts for larger purchases—and getting a bigger share of their software budget in the process. One recent transaction that started out as a purchase of a single solution turned into a bundle worth eight times as much as the original deal.


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La réussite en détails

Profil de l'entreprise

  • Website: www.creativebreakthroughs.com
  • Geographical Area Served: Nationwide
  • Headquarters: Troy, Michigan
  • Serves Company Size: Enterprise and Public Sector
  • Status: Platinum, National Partner and Symantec Consulting Partner (SCP)
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