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DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH

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Europe, Moyen-Orient, Afrique |

Every night, DHL processes more than 1,500 metric tons of freight at its hub in Leipzig. This volume demands a stable IT infrastructure that administrators can manage efficiently from a central location. The DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH does this with the help of a Symantec solution which is used to complete the initial installation of 1,000 PCs and over 150 servers in a very short space of time. Software updates can be performed equally quickly and reliably, and assets and licenses managed centrally.

La réussite en détails

Profil de l'entreprise

As a world market leader for international express delivery, long-distance and air-freight transportation, the DHL Group has established three central hubs around the globe. One of these is run by DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH.


  • Servers: More than 150: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2, largely on VMware ESX 3.5
  • Clients: Approximately 1,000. Fat clients in administration: HP Desktops, DELL Notebooks, PDAs. Thin clients in production: HP Thin Clients (T 5000 series)
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