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Tel Aviv Municipality

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Europe, Moyen-Orient, Afrique | Secteur public | Grandes entreprises

According to its chief technology officer, Tel Aviv Municipality can probably do more with Symantec NetBackup than it can with all its previous data protection solutions put together. “Deduplication, cloning, virtualization management, granular recovery―they’re all within reach,” says Maayan Itiel. The integrated, open NetBackup functionality has enabled this Israeli city council to decrease its server footprint and energy consumption by 50 percent, deliver “huge cost savings” in terms of tapes and drives, and manage double the volume of data under protection, without an increase in the backup window. Simultaneously, Tel Aviv Municipality has reduced its restore time from an average of two hours to a few minutes, eliminated failovers almost entirely, and reclaimed 50 percent of storage using the intelligent Symantec email archiving platform―Symantec Enterprise Vault.

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  • End users: 3,000
  • Servers: 300
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Storage: HP storage area network
  • Key applications: SAP
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase
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