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University of Oxford

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University of Oxford deployed Altiris Client Management Suite, and the benefits have been substantial; the University can build and roll out packages 10 times faster and to a higher standard than before, help desk savings exceed £70,000 ($111,000), and image delivery times dropped from up to 2-1/2 hours to 30 minutes. Furthermore, Altiris Client Management Suite has enabled University of Oxford to expand service capabilities with a decreasing budget and static staff count.

Produits installés

Client Management Suite

La réussite en détails

Produits installés

Client Management Suite


Incit Technology Ltd

Profil de l'entreprise

  • Website: www.ox.ac.uk
  • Industry: Education
  • Headquarters: Oxford, U.K.
  • Number of employees: 21,000


  • End users: 2,500
  • Endpoints: 2,700
  • Virtualization: VMware
  • Servers: More than 200
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP
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