Stagefright vulnerabilities pose serious threat to Android users. Learn more.
Stagefright vulnerabilities pose serious threat to Android users. Learn more.
Veritas Availabilty & Insight for a Hybrid World

Our Promise
To keep the world safe from ever-evolving digital threats.
We actively secure companies and governments from the dangers of digital threats so they are confident to move business forward.
Areas of Protection

Threat Protection

Attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities more rapidly than companies can defend against them. In the last year, nearly one million new threats were released into the wild each day. Symantec gives you tools to uncover cyber threats across your endpoints, email, and network—using the most comprehensive source of security intelligence in the world—to help you respond to threats with precision.

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Cyber Security Services

Symantec has a global team of security professionals, research analysts, and incident responders who will partner with you to secure your organization. Our cyber security services address the critical shortage of in-house security expertise and will help your team minimize detection and response times, reduce operational costs, and enable compliance.

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Information Protection

Data is everywhere—in the cloud, on the network, and in transit—causing increasing complexity and risk for IT. Symantec gives you deep visibility and control over how users access information, protecting data and identities wherever they reside.

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Veritas Information Management

Harness the power of your information through leading solutions in backup, availability, and information insights.

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