Symantec Integrated Cyber-Defense Platform
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Symantec Products

Uncover, prioritize, investigate, remediate complex attacks across endpoint, email, network, and web from one console
Selectively encrypt or tokenize field-level data in Cloud applications keeping sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII) secure and compliant
Cloud Workload Protection
Symantec CWP automates security for public cloud workloads, enabling business agility, risk reduction, and cost savings for organizations
Confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure and compliant
Content Analysis / Malware Analysis
Detect and block advanced threats with multiple-layer inspection and customizable sandboxing
Control Compliance Suite
Automate security and compliance assessments across physical and virtual data centers, and across public clouds
Data Center Security
Complete server protection, monitoring, and workload micro-segmentation for private cloud and physical on-premises data center environments
Via API integration, DeepSight intelligence provides threat insights which improve detection, prioritization and remediation
Discover, monitor and protect your sensitive data with the industry’s leading data loss prevention solution
Email .Cloud
Safeguard your cloud-based email with our industry-leading threat and anti-spam protection for Office 365, Google Apps, and more
Safeguard data on computers, laptops, tablets, hard drives, removable media, files, email systems, and SaaS
Global Intelligence Network synthesizes intelligence from 175 million endpoints to stop 99.9 percent of new and emerging threats every day
Incident Response Service
Strategically enable continual security program maturity by identifying recommendations to prevent incident reoccurrence
IT Management Suite
Securely manage all your endpoints — deploy new devices and apps, manage software licenses, and remediate vulnerabilities
Improve user experience, optimize content delivery for WAN & Internet links, accelerate pre-positioned & live video streams
Management Center
Unified management and reporting to simplifly web security, mitigate cloud access risks, and enhance threat defenses while reducing management costs
Strengthen your security posture by allowing for a quicker and more comprehensive response to emerging threats
Protect critical application performance and ensure user experience. Align your network resources with the business priorities.
Protect your organization in the cloud, from the web to social media to mobile networks, with the industry leading on-premises secure web gateway
Security Analytics
Deliver enriched packet capture for full network security visibility, advanced network forensics, anomaly detection, and real-time content inspection for all network traffic
Multi-layered endpoint protection that provides everything from file reputation and behavioral analysis to advanced machine learning AI
SEP Cloud
Endpoint Security as a Service for small and medium businesses that provides advanced protection for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices and servers
SEP Mobile
Helps predict, detect and prevent physical, malware, network and vulnerability exploits to protect businesses from mobile cyber attacks
SSL Visiblity
Gain visibility into the blind-spot impacting your security tools while maintaining privacy compliance
Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG)
Delivers inbound and outbound messaging security, real-time antimalware protection, advanced threat protection, and data loss prevention
Prevent unauthorized access to networks, applications, and the cloud with easy to use multi-factor and risk-based authentication
Web Isolation
Prevent malware and phishing threats while allowing broad web access by remotely executing web sessions, away from users' devices
Web Security Services
Enterprise-class, cloud-based, secure web gateway service integrating web/cloud access control with advanced threat protection
Certified Partner Solutions

An open framework to allow a select set of security vendors to deeply integrate and certify their services directly into the Symantec Web Protection solution
Automation / Orchestration
An open framework to allow a select set of security vendors to integrate and certify their services directly into Symantec's Integrated Cyber Defense platform
Certificate & Key Management
An open framework for enablement of enterprise cryptographic key/digital certificate management coupled with Symantec's SSL Visibility
Cloud Apps
Confidently leverage cloud applications and services via visibility, data governance, and protection against threats while extending your DLP visibility
Cloud Providers (IaaS)
Extend your existing IT investments and leverage cloud services safely and efficiently
Compliance & Vulnerability
Get actionable cyber threat intelligence. Make sharper decisions to defend against emerging global threats
Data Classification
Reduce the risk associated with data loss by applying classification designations to DLP policies
Real-time intrusion detection before any data is breached
DMARC Visibility
Prevents cybercriminals from hijacking company domains and brands by leveraging the DMARC standard
Share actionable intelligence gathered from endpoint security solutions to enhance your ability to protect, detect and respond to incidents
Enterprise Mobility Management
An open framework to allow select security vendors to integrate and certify their services directly into the Symantec Web Protection solution
Partner integrations provide a certified security storage for encryption assets meeting regulatory compliance requirements
Protect organizations in the cloud generation with integrated solutions for CASB, cloud DLP, identity, encryption, email, and threat protection
Load Balancer / Packet Broker / SDN
Flexible deployment options with leading Load Balancing and Packet Broker vendors to scale and meet any network topology/architecture
Network Devices / Network Security
Partner integrations enable assessment of security postures and agent integrity, additional intelligence contexts, and greater visibility into encrypted traffic
OS Platforms
Complete OS security hardening, protection, and monitoring for private cloud and physical data centers
Policy Mgmt & Reporting
Leading Management & Automation vendors integrating with Symantec Web Security provide network security policy orchestration
Integration with sandbox partners assists in the detection and analysis of unknown, advanced, and targeted malware before it ever reaches a user
Provides software-defined WAN deployment offering cloud-managed solutions interconnecting enterprise resources and the Internet
Secure File Transfer
Leverage Symantec DLP to secure data movement via secure file transfer applications
Integration with SIEM partners provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications
Capture, store, analyze and retrieve complete network traffic instantly and at a lower total cost of ownership
Threat Intelligence
Symantec partners with third party intelligence feeds to enhance its own rich data, extend cybersecurity protection, and enrich investigative capabilities
UEBA & Cyber Analytics
UEBA to simplify incident response and detect cyber breaches
Virtualization / Containers
Complete virtual server protection, monitoring, and workload segmentation for private cloud and on-premises data centers


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