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Symantec Asset Management Suite

Symantec Asset Management Suite consente alle organizzazioni di assumere il controllo, scoprire i fattori di risparmio e garantire la conformità delle risorse IT. Grazie a un quadro accurato delle risorse nell'arco del loro ciclo di vita, i reparti IT sono in grado di ottimizzare gli investimenti, eliminare l'acquisto di software non necessario ed evitare penali e sanzioni dovute a situazioni di inadempienza.

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Never Fear Another Software Audit

Software audits are disruptive, risky—and unless you're prepared, the vendors have all the leverage. Software inventory and management tools can help you keep track of licenses and avoid audits, but beware of the shortfalls of do-it-yourself, narrow, accounting-focused, or vendor-supplied solutions. An effective asset management solution is efficient, effective, and keeps you in control. Look for an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compliant Configuration Management Database (CMDB), simplified license management, and built-in process automation when selecting your solution.
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Stop Sacrificing Your IT Budget for Software

License fees and penalties for software make up a significant proportion of today's IT budgets, and much of it is wasted. Automated, integrated tools for managing software assets are among the most powerful ways to reduce IT operational costs with no significant operational impact. Straight from the initial Discovery phase, Asset Management tools identify savings opportunities on licenses for unused, underused, and duplicate software—and a continuous, disciplined program yields much more. Follow ten simple steps to improve software vendor relationships, bring software spending under control, and free up resources you can use to solve real business problems.
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