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Symantec Control Compliance Suite

Attiva operazioni e conformità della sicurezza nel data center basate sulle priorità di rischio

Control Compliance Suite offre sicurezza commisurata al business e visibilità sul rischio per consentire ai clienti di allineare con efficacia le priorità tra sicurezza, operazioni IT e conformità. Automatizza le valutazioni di routine e fornisce un quadro unificato dei controlli e delle vulnerabilità della sicurezza. Grazie a Control Compliance Suite, i clienti sono in grado di rafforzare la protezione del data center, stabilire le priorità di rimedio in tema di sicurezza, attuare una migrazione sicura verso il data center software-defined e supportare le valutazioni periodiche a fini di sicurezza informatica e monitoraggio continuo.

Storie di successo

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

It doesn’t matter how fast a financial services organization is growing, how many new services are being introduced, or how quickly new customers are coming on board. One theme remains of paramount importance: reducing IT risk and achieving compliance objectives. If it can be done at lower cost―then all the better. For Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) these same principles apply, and the bank’s the decision to standardize on Symantec security and IT compliance solutions has been the high water mark in a showcase security and IT compliance strategy. Visualizza storia

Finanz Informatik Technologie Service (FI-TS)

Growing portfolio of integrated Symantec endpoint security, security management technologies―and most recently data loss prevention―are helping Finanz Informatik Technologie Service (FI-TS) demonstrate to its clients that it is taking steps towards proactive security protection, ensuring compliance, and reducing their overall business and technology risk.  Visualizza storia

Global Financial Services Institution

The customer in this TOEI Research is a large international bank that provides personal banking services—credit cards, loans, retail banking and wealth management—as well as commercial and investment services to millions of customers around the world.
 Visualizza storia

Deloitte U.K.

By partnering with Symantec, Deloitte U.K. is helping clients to implement and maintain a security management framework, aligning people, process and technology.  Visualizza storia

ECI Telecom

ECI Telecom rolls out its comprehensive security and compliance program with Symantec technologies, resulting in increased costs savings and staff productivity. Visualizza storia
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