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Symantec Messaging Gateway Small Business Edition powered by Brightmail

Protezione dai virus delle e-mail accessibile e di facile utilizzo fornita in un'appliance

Symantec Messaging Gateway Small Business Edition (in precedenza Brightmail Gateway Small Business Edition) è un'appliance antivirus per e-mail facile da usare che fornisce un'efficace e accurata protezione antispam. Senza tariffe per utente e disponibile come appliance virtuale basata su VMware, Symantec Messaging Gateway Small Business Edition può essere implementata su hardware esistente, rendendola una delle più convenienti soluzioni di appliance gateway a disposizione.


Symantec Messaging Gateway Small Business Edition

Affordable, easy to use email security appliance for the Small and Medium Businesses.

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Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Spam in the Enterprise

For most email users, spam is a problem that has worsened rather than improved during the past year. As a result, organizations with antispam solutions are looking for cost-effective ways to further minimize the number of spam messages that reach email servers and user mailboxes.

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