Irvine Consulting Services


Irvine Consulting Services is a reselling consulting firm serving more than 100 small and medium-sized businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. In business for nearly 20 years, Irvine Consulting leverages several Symantec solutions, including Symantec Endpoint Protection, Backup Exec, and Storage Foundation, to keep its clients running and save them money.

Dettagli della storia di successo

Servizi forniti

  • IT Consulting
  • IT Implementation
  • Outsourcing

Profilo dell'organizzazione

  • Website:
  • Geographic Area Served: California, Bay Area
  • Headquarters: Emeryville, California
  • Serves Company Size: Small Business, Mid-Market and Public Sector
  • Status: Registered Partner
  • Specializations: Small and Medium Business

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