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Far from taking a gamble, when it came to choosing the partner most suited to providing a centralized, high availability data center infrastructure, 888 Holdings rigorously studied the odds, scrutinized the market, and landed on Symantec. Chosen in preference to a solution from CommVault, NetBackup software from Symantec supports 888 Holdings heterogeneous environment, protecting data and ensuring millions of customers can participate in blackjack, roulette, or craps whenever they want, safe in the knowledge that the system will be available 24x7. The dice add up with Symantec Enterprise Vault too: with the solution providing cost-effective, secure archiving for up to 600 Exchange clients.

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888 Holdings PLC turned to Symantec and Symantec Partners Glasshouse Technologies, Ltd. and Simplementia Ltd. for archiving, data protection, data loss prevention, and endpoint security solutions. Results include seven-figure storage savings, threefold faster backups, $255,000 in reclaimed employee productivity per year, and increased control over sensitive data and risks.

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  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux
  • Database: Microsoft SQL
  • Servers: 1,000 HP Blade Servers
  • Storage: EMC, NetApp
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