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Copenhagen City Council

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How does a leading Danish public authority cope with what appear to be three opposing forces: reducing the cost of IT services delivery, providing a reliable IT service to 30,000 users, and ensuring peak performance? For Copenhagen City Council, the answer was simple: Symantec. The Council has introduced an integrated client management and endpoint security solution―underpinned by Symantec Business Critical Services―to ensure every endpoint is securely protected from malicious malware threat and quickly and reliably package applications, distributing them sometimes to users in a zero-touch environment. Once the workflow goes live, software deployment time is expected to drop from up to 10 days to half an hour . The Council has also experienced a 20 percent increase in endpoint administration productivity, and more reliable deployments, faster software rollouts, and standardized processes and desktops.

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Profilo dell'organizzazione

  • Website: www.kk.dk
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Founded: 1840
  • Local Government Provider: Delivering a broad range of public services to the citizens of Copenhagen


  • Clients: 17,000 (in-house); 30,000 (school users)
  • Servers: 38 Dell hosts and 600 virtual servers
  • Storage: EMC
  • Virtualization: VMware
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows
  • Applications: Healthcare, Finance, Education, Planning, etc.
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