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Jiangsu Mobile

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Asia Pacifico, Giappone | | Aziende

Jiangsu Mobile’s call centers receive 200 million customer service calls each month. To handle that volume, the IT team maintains 2,500 call center endpoints and 700 servers, and protects critical data in a virtualized storage environment. The team turned to Symantec solutions to accelerate recovery time for call center terminals sixfold, spend 50 percent less time on server management, accelerate patching and update tasks up to threefold, and reduce call center visits by IT staff by 50 percent. Symantec data protection solutions have enabled the team to reduce storage costs by 95 percent.

Prodotti implementati

Endpoint Protection

Dettagli della storia di successo

Prodotti implementati

Endpoint Protection

Profilo dell'organizzazione

  • Website: www.jsmcc.com
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Headquarters: Nanjing, China
  • Employees: 30,000


  • Server platform: 700 Dell PowerEdge servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Client platform: 2,500 HP, Dell, and Lenovo PCs running Microsoft Windows
  • Applications: VMware ESX 3.5/VSphere 4; Huawei call center system; other outsourced call center application
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