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Kettering Medical Center Network

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A major Ohio hospital network turned the need for HIPAA compliance into an opportunity to get a complete network security assessment from Symantec Consulting Services. As a result of this assessment, Kettering Medical Center Network implemented a broad suite of Symantec security solutions which has resulted in greatly enhanced security. The solution is also saving $218,000 annually in staff time for security monitoring and repairs, and has freed IT staff to develop an application that enables medical professionals to sign on to the network more simply wherever their patients are located This application will save as many as 1,500 staff hours per day, enabling these providers to provide more and higher quality care to patients.

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Profilo dell'organizzazione

Kettering Medical Center Network (KMCN) includes five hospitals and 51 satellite facilities in the Dayton, Ohio area. KMCN has 6,800 employees and had net operating revenue in excess of $600 million in 2004.


  • Applications: IDX CareCast, Cerner QuadRIS, Misys Laboratory, Eclipsys Critical Care
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle Database
  • Server platform: 200 servers running a variety of operating systems
  • About 5,000 connected devices including 4,200 desktops and laptops and 300 Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
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