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Yaniv Dinar sleeps easily at night. As the IT and infrastructure manager at Starhome, a mid-size provider of innovative, market-driven roaming solutions, it’s his job to ensure the infrastructure is secure, available, and performing well. Thanks to the introduction of an integrated Symantec security, data protection, and virtualization management solution, he has the confidence to rely on his systems. Virus threats? Spam email? Outages? They’re all out of the equation. By standardizing on the Symantec portfolio, Starhome has a consolidated view of all current and potential threat vectors, the company can recover client and data center images quickly and at any time, and it has maintained its backup window despite 15 percent annual growth in backup volumes.

Prodotti implementati

Endpoint Protection

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Dettagli della storia di successo

Prodotti implementati

Endpoint Protection


  • Spider Solutions Ltd.

Profilo dell'organizzazione

  • WEBSITE: www.starhome.com
  • FOUNDED: 1999
  • INDUSTRY: Telecommunications
  • HEADQUARTERS: Zurich Switzerland
  • EMPLOYEES: More than 200

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  • Clients: 200
  • Servers: HP
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 2003/2008
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Virtualization: VMware virtualized server environment
  • Storage: NetApp storage systems
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