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Swisscom IT Services (Messaging Security Solution)

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‘Honeypots’ are more normally associated with bees or errant Cold War spies, and less with IT strategies. But in the case of Swisscom IT Services, one of the leading Swiss providers of information technology solutions, a honeypot has been instrumental in attracting and checking up to 200,000 emails every day against Symantec Brightmail Message Filter. As a result, Swisscom IT Services is achieving 99.9 percent effectiveness against spam and phishing attacks on behalf of up to 60,000 mailboxes. Simultaneously, CPU server performance rose by 50 percent and there was a 10-fold decrease in the help desk administration effort required to resolve email related cases. Honey never tasted so sweet.

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Single player for customer successes.

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Dettagli della storia di successo

Profilo dell'organizzazione

Swisscom IT Services is one of the leading Swiss providers of information technology services, offering integration and operational services as complete or partial outsourcing projects for clients in banking, assurance, transportation, and industry. The firm has annual sales of $802 million and employs more than 2,700 staff.

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  • Hardware platform: 3 x Sun Fire V880s
  • Operating systems: Sun Solaris 9
  • Applications: Sendmail Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), additional commercial Sendmail products, Brightmail Message Filter - Integration as Milter
  • End users: Up to 60,000, including outsourcing customers
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