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Union Bank of Israel

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Two years ago, Union Bank of Israel launched a revolutionary marketing strategy. “Your First Second Bank” is an intensive recruiting effort to attract new clients by motivating them to open a second bank account at Israel’s sixth largest bank. However, this can only be successfully achieved if a rigorous, intensive approach to information security is adopted. Union Bank deployed a holistic, unified endpoint security solution from Symantec―in preference to solutions from McAfee and Trend-Micro―to secure 1,300 desktops, laptops, and servers from emerging threats, provide comprehensive malware protection, and automatically detect and block suspicious activities. The bank’s systems are now hardened against attack, and efficiency gains are being accrued: by standardizing on a “one-stop-shop” Symantec security environment, Union Bank has saved the equivalent of one third of an administrator’s time.

Prodotti implementati

Endpoint Protection

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Prodotti implementati

Endpoint Protection

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Profilo dell'organizzazione

Website: www.unionbank.co.il
Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
Employees: 1,300


  • End users: 1,200
  • Hardware: Dell, IBM, HP
  • Servers: 240
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003; Red Hat Linux, HP-UX
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