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Würth France

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Europa, Medio Oriente e Africa | Industria | Aziende

Würth France specializes in technical assembly products and solutions, offering more than 23,000 different products which are sold directly by more than 2,800 salespeople across France. The company was founded in 1967 - the first foreign subsidiary of the German Würth Group - and now has a customer base of more than three million professionals in every sector of manufacturing and industry.

Dettagli della storia di successo

Profilo dell'organizzazione

  • Website: www.wurth.fr
  • Industry: Assembly products
  • Headquarters: Erstein, Alsace
  • Number of employees: 3,800

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  • Operating systems: Windows 2003, 2003 v2, Windows 2008, 2008 v2, Linux Red Hat 4.5, 4.8, 5.4, HP-UX
  • Servers: Lotus Notes, Oracle, MS-SQL, Windows, Linux, HP-UX, VMWare, HyperV
  • Storage: Fujitsu DX80, Quantum i500 robotics system
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