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Symantec Server Management Suite

Symantec Server Management Suite offre agli amministratori IT una soluzione completa per la gestione dei server fisici e virtuali su un'ampia gamma di piattaforme. La suite fornisce soluzioni per le attività di provisioning, controllo, automazione e monitoraggio dei server da una console centrale. Grazie a questi strumenti, le organizzazioni ottengono e mantengono il controllo dei server, riducono le interruzioni del servizio e aumentano l'efficienza operativa.


Symantec Server Management Suite 8.0

The complexity of managing today’s data centers is complicated by the mix of traditional physical servers, the growing sprawl of virtual machines and the emergence of cloud-based services.

White paper

Simplify Your Windows Server Migration

Read this solution brief to gain industry-leading migration expertise so you can ensure sustained business value for your organization. Learn how to meet the challenges with migration and deployment solutions that streamline processes to cut the expense, delay, and disruption to business operations—and keep you in control.
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Windows Server 2003 Migration: Take a Fresh Look at Your IT Infrastructure

This IDC Executive Brief analyzes the implications of the termination of Windows Server 2003 support in July 2015 and suggests best practices for organizations that are planning to migrate to a more up to date IT infrastructure.

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