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Reliance Communications Limited

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With millions of customers worldwide, Reliance Communications Limited can’t afford to slow down. And it especially can’t afford any downtime for its many mission-critical applications. High availability and storage management solutions from Symantec have raised availability to 99.999 percent while enabling new capacity to be added with minimal impact to operations. Payback was achieved within six months.

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Reliance Communications Limited, the flagship company of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, is India’s foremost integrated telecommunications service provider and the largest private telecommunications company in India. The company serves more than 40 million customers (as of November, 2007) including over 1.3 million individual overseas retail customers. RCOM’s corporate clientele includes 800 Indian and 250 multinational corporations, and over 200 global carriers.


  • Applications: eRecharge (custom), Clarity (OLTP)
  • Database: Oracle RAC
  • Servers: Two Sun Enterprise 6900 servers running Solaris 9; More than 1,300 total servers, mostly Sun servers running Solaris; some HP, Dell and IBM servers.
  • Storage: EMC, HP and Hitachi
  • Tape Library: Sun