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Enterprise Mobility Trends

Plan Your Mobility Strategy

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Comprehensive Approach for Enterprise Mobility

Enterprises with mobile initiatives should consider a comprehensive approach to address
diverse use cases. An integrated solution that supports the five key areas of enterprise mobility —
user and app access, app and data protection, device management, threat protection, and secure
file sharing — provides complete mobile protection. Partner with a brand synonymous with
trust and information protection.
With the increase of BYOD and mobile application programs, IT departments are looking for secure and efficient ways to enable mobility. They need tools to help them deal with various use cases to achieve a comfortable level of control over the devices, applications and data, all without trampling on device ease of use and user productivity. The need for such tools is only going to increase as workforces become more mobile."
Stacy Crook, Sr. Analyst, Mobile Enterprise Research at IDC

Symantec in the News

Aggressive Mobility Plans Bring Risks, But the
Rewards Are High

Companies that are aggressively adopting mobility are experiencing far more incidents than their more cautious counterparts, but they are also reaping far greater rewards thanks to mobile, according to a new study.

2013 State of Mobility Survey

The results from Symantec's 2013 State of Mobility Survey highlight how the two types of organizations — Traditionals and Innovators, are adopting mobility.
Planning your Enterprise Mobility strategy?
Did you know that 84% of innovative companies consider business drivers as the biggest factor in adopting mobility?
Did you know that device loss is only one of many ways to lose mobile data?
Are you aware that 44% of enterprises that embrace mobility see faster revenue growth?
Did you know that password sharing is the most common way of losing data?
IT focuses on information protection while
users pursue productivity gains and better user experience

Information Protection:

IT is more concerned about data than devices


Users care most about increasing organizational productivity

Data Loss is also IT's Biggest BYOD Concern:

Loss of employee, organizational, or customer data

User Experience:

Users want the same overall experience as consumer apps, not corporate apps
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Mobility Challenges

The mobile landscape is constantly changing and IT is asking, what’s most important for protecting my workforce: MDM, MAM or Mobile Security? Should I focus on enabling productivity with a seamless user experience, or should I create a strict BYOD policy to protect the data? To get the pulse on this growing segment, Symantec surveyed IT professionals to shed some light on their key concerns and how they are responding to the shifting landscape. This infographic is a summary of the survey results with recommendations to help address these issues.
Mobility Challenges
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