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What Is eDiscovery?

To newcomers and experienced professionals alike, eDiscovery can be complicated. To better understand electronic discovery processes and relevant technologies that support the eDiscovery workflow, download this white paper for a full introduction into what is eDiscovery.
What is eDiscovery?

What Is eDiscovery?

From identification and legal hold through review and production, without the right tools, electronic discovery can be a complex, expensive and challenging process. But exactly what is eDiscovery? What’s the process? What electronic information is "discoverable"? Here's a brief overview:
  • Records Management: An effective records management program is a complicated, time–consuming task that requires a multi–faceted team of professionals committed to fully understanding the business and the types of records created by the company.

  • Identification: Determine the scope, breadth and depth of electronically stored information that might be pursued during discovery.

  • Preservation: Protect electronic data from destruction or alterations.

  • Collection: Gather electronic information from various sources.

  • Processing: Setting aside files that are duplicates or that are not going to be relevant. Convert electronically stored information to a more effective and efficient review format.

  • Review: Evaluate collected information for relevance and privilege; related activities include redaction.

  • Analysis: Evaluate electronic discovery materials to determine relevant summary information before detailed review is conducted to help with important early decisions and to improve productivity. Analysis is performed throughout the remainder of the process as new information is uncovered and issues of the case evolve.

  • Production: Deliver information to various recipients and in various forms of media (CD, DVD, tape, hard drive, portable storage device, paper, other).

  • Presentation: Consider early and often how to most effectively present the electronically stored information at depositions, hearings and trial.
The Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell brings transparency and control to the electronic discovery process. From collection to production, our workflow speeds time to resolution, improves accuracy and lowers costs. With better insight and less complexity, the eDiscovery Platform enables you to focus on strategy and create business value.


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