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Code Signing for Microsoft Developers

Code Signing for Microsoft Developers

  • Increase adoption and downloads
  • Reduce security warnings
  • Protect users from downloading harmful files

Deliver your code to more customers on leading Microsoft platforms with Symantec Code Signing.
Symantec is the leading provider of code signing for developers and software publishers who create applications for Microsoft platforms, or who require certification for Microsoft Windows® Logo programs. Whether you develop for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, or Microsoft Azure, Symantec has the code signing certificate to ensure a safe, secure experience for you and your customers.

For Microsoft Windows 8 Developers

Now available from Symantec, Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing offers a more secure process of signing code, allows for greater confidence in the integrity of your application, and provides a more frictionless experience for users downloading your application. To give your application immediate reputation in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 9, use a Symantec EV Code Signing Certificate.

For Microsoft Desktop Developers

When Internet Explorer, Exchange, Outlook, or other Microsoft programs encounter unsigned executables, a security warning disrupts the user’s experience or content simply fails to load. To prevent disruption, publishers who use ActiveX controls, plug-ins, and other executables or who develop for the Microsoft Azure cloud environment should sign their code using Authenticode Technology and a Symantec Code Signing Certificate for Microsoft Authenticode.

For Microsoft Office and VBA Developers

When Microsoft Office and other programs encounter VBA macros, the programs look for a digital signature from a trusted source. Depending on the software version and individual security settings, the program may interrupt the user with a security warning or simply fail to load the macro. To prevent disruption, publishers who use add-ins, macros, and other executables should sign their code using a Symantec Code Signing Certificate for Microsoft Office and VBA.

For Windows Phone and Xbox 360 Developers

Providers recommend or even mandate that mobile applications are signed with a code signing certificate issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). As the exclusive provider for Microsoft’s App Hub service, Symantec Code Signing Certificates protect Windows Phone and Xbox 360 applications downloaded from the Windows Marketplace. With a Symantec Code Signing Certificate, application developers can easily expand distribution of their mobile and gaming applications for Windows Phone and Xbox 360. To enroll, go to Microsoft Windows Dev Center.

For Windows Phone Private Enterprise Developers

Developers and publishers join the Windows Phone Private Enterprise program to enable the distribution and availability of their organization’s internal applications. Symantec is the exclusive provider of code signing certificates for the Windows Phone Private Enterprise program. Organizations must be enrolled in this program in order to utilize these certificates. To enroll, go to Microsoft Windows Dev Center, or learn more about Code Signing Certificate for Windows Phone Private Enterprise.

Microsoft Windows Logo Programs

Showing that your applications work with Microsoft Windows helps raise visibility and increase distribution for your programs. Qualified participants are listed in Microsoft program directories and have access to Microsoft Windows Logos for marketing materials.
Windows Server 2008 Logo
Windows Server 2008 Logo

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