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Cyber Resilience
Cyber Resilience is about the management—not the elimination—of risk. Not only is eliminating risk impossible, but it impedes agility; an environment with an acceptable level of risk supports innovation.

Implement the Right Security Strategy now

Knowledge is power; cyber resilient organizations recognize that security needs to go beyond systems, software or IT departments to include raising the security IQ of all employees and improved organizational processes. Symantec proposes a new strategic partnership between the security function and business leaders, to balance competitive advantage against the inescapable Cyber Risks of today - to become not Cyber Risk-free, but Cyber Resilient.
  • Become fully aware of your security posture and access which security issues matter most to your organization.
  • Use this knowledge to keep all your colleagues aware of security best practices.
  • Create a security strategy that balances competitive advantage against on-going never-seen-before Cyber Risk
A Manifesto for Cyber Resilience
Cyber resilience defined.
The Cyber-Resilient Enterprise - Harnessing Your Security Intelligence
Rethink how you use the security intelligence in your environment.
The Cyber Resilience Blueprint: A New Perspective on Security
Best practice-based approaches recommended for minimizing cyber risk.
Cyber Resilience: Intelligent Security for Today’s Connected Enterprise
Solutions to focus the efforts of your IT security while increasing productivity.

Additional resources to help you build a more cyber resilient enterprise

Preparing for future attacks
Solution Brief: Implementing the right security strategy now.
Top Ten Tips for Cyber Resilience
Read this no-nonsense guide to securing your business.
What’s Yours Is Mine White Paper
How employees put your intellectual property at risk.
Cost of a Data Breach Report
Ponemon Institute's 2013 global analysis.
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Are You Cyber Resilient?
It's not just about security. Watch the video.
Symantec has unparalleled analysis of and protection from IT security threats that include malware, security risks, advanced threats, vulnerabilities, and spam. Understand these risks and get insights from leading security experts to help focus your strategy.
Use these resources to help you better prepare for todays security challenges.
Symantec Security Response
Analysis of and protection from IT security threats.
Symantec Connect
Find solutions, share technical knowledge, and submit product ideas.
2013 Internet Security Threat Video
An overview of the year in global threat activity.
2013 Internet Security Threat Report
Overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity.
Threats! Are You Prepared?
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